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JDC Group Director of Recruiting and Inside Sales Steve Tatum


Unless you’ve been oblivious to the job market over the last 18 months, it’s safe to say you probably know that it’s wild – especially when it comes to IT and technology roles. Despite the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in every industry have amped up hiring and IT initiatives, many of which involve accelerating digital transformation programs. Demand for IT talent remains at an all-time high, and the market for acquiring, retaining and growing IT talent is incredibly competitive. As a next-generation provider of IT workforce solutions, JDC Group’s teams are in full throttle mode, helping our clients navigate the fiercely competitive IT job market to build teams to support mission-critical technology projects. In this article, I’ll share some key factors about why JDC Group should be at the top of your list to contact when you need IT and SAP-focused talent.


For more than 16 years, JDC Group has earned a reputation in the technology recruiting and workforce solutions market for being a trusted business partner for delivering technology talent for our clients. Our client base is vast – from Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) to Supply Chain Logistics – our industry and technology expertise spans a broad spectrum both from a vertical industry perspective and technology practice areas.

Since our start in 2005, JDC Group has specialized in helping companies with SAP source talent and build teams to drive SAP projects. Our founder, Johannes Dorsch, worked for SAP early in his career, and he understands the importance of finding the right level of specialization for SAP roles to meet our clients’ needs. We’ve built a a laser-focused SAP workforce solutions team to help clients in any industry add SAP consultants to deliver world-class solutions. Whether it’s ECCC, S/4HANA, On-Premise, Cloud or Hybrid – JDC Group strives to optimize our client’s ability to build SAP teams and accelerate time-to-value for project delivery.


If you’re an SAP shop, having an SAP IT workforce business partner enables you to up your game with anything SAP. But what if you don’t have SAP? JDC Group’s IT workforce teams’ expertise goes far beyond just SAP. Our capabilities for helping clients source and build teams spans across a wide spectrum of technology expertise and experience. We are technology agnostic – which basically means we have the knowledge and capabilities to support clients across technologies, systems and platforms to help you execute any type of program, regardless of the technology. We classify our expertise in 8 different practice areas: Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Agile Development, Application Development, Cloud and Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Delivery Leadership (Project Management, Implementations, Product Management), Digital Transformation and ERP.

If you’re a hiring manager with specific technology needs, you’re always under the gun to find the right resources that align to the roles and responsibilities of the job. But it’s not just finding the right expertise. It’s about understanding cultural alignment and team dynamics to ensure each resource is the right one for the job. JDC Group and our parent company, Consulting Solutions, have built one of the largest, most comprehensive ecosystem of technology consultants in North America. To date, we have nearly 1.5 million consultants in our network. Based on your organization’s unique needs, we can tailor our workforce solutions to be flexible and scalable to serve your current priorities and to plan for short and long-term objectives. Whether it’s project-based staffing, contract-to-hire, full-time placement or individual resources, JDC Group’s teams are experts in delivering solutions that will address your specific needs both from a technology and culture perspective. We’ve built a legacy that is based on being client-focused, and our relationships with our clients are long-term.


JDC Group strives to be the technology workforce solutions provider of choice to organizations of all sizes by delivering cutting-edge strategy, technology, and enterprise transformation solutions. Our teams are made up of some of the most knowledgeable, talented and dedicated recruiters and consultants in the industry. We stay focused on three core guiding principles that help us serve our clients to the best of our abilities:

  1. We are driven by our clients’ success. JDC Group provides “white glove” client service, and we strive to do our very best to understand our clients’ needs and objectives.
  2. We are extensively relationship-driven and recognize that transparency, honesty, care, and communication are the pillars of success within any transformation program.
  3. We strive to understand our clients’ business drivers, IT infrastructures, and strategic goals to deliver solutions that result in world-class performance.



If you’ve ever worked with an IT workforce solutions company that throws 15 resumes in your lap and the candidates presented have close to 20 percent alignment to the role you’re looking for, or the folks you interview are a hard “miss” in terms of being the right fit for your group, we get it. Your time is valuable, and your day-to-day operations should not be impeded by teaming with a lackluster staffing agency. JDC Group can help and we’re here to become a trusted partner. We’re invested in your growth and success. Are you a hiring manager with a major Digital Transformation project coming up? Facing SAP S/4HANA migration road mapping? We have the depth and breadth of technology expertise and experience to help you achieve your technology and business goals – just give us a try. I pledge my commitment – and the JDC Group team’s commitment  – to ensuring you’re successful and get the right resources and teams in place to accelerate your growth. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me directly at steve.tatum@jdc-group.com. I’ll be happy to set up a call and we can discuss your priorities and needs and we can assemble our team to precisely address those. If you’d like to speak to one of our SAP experts about your SAP projects, click here.