IT Upgrade Services

As applications evolve over time, new releases of software introduce enhanced functionality, usability and scalability. Clients want to leverage the investments they have made in their software by implementing the latest enhancements, but often need assistance in formulating and implementing an upgrade plan. CSI is here to assist with our reliable IT system upgrade services.

CSI consultants are proficient in application upgrades and take into consideration, functional capabilities, business processes and technical infrastructure within the organization. System upgrades and project implementations have similar tasks and both start with project definition, and end with the training of personnel on the new functionality. As with full implementations, you want to minimize your risk and ensure that the upgrade is implemented with little to no interruption to your business.
Our consultants provide the following services for your upgrade project:

Assessments and Project Planning
Functional and Technical Implementation
Change Management
End User Training
Knowledge Transfer/Support

CSI's System Upgrade Services FAQ's

CSI’s IT system upgrade services are trusted upon globally to fulfill clients’ needs on their major ERP projects. With highly qualified, experienced, unmatched consulting talent, and our ability to match the best talent to your project, we are confident your projects will finish on time and on budget.

What Positions Can CSI Fill for IT System Upgrade Projects?

CSI can match you with the right IT system upgrade consultant quickly. CSI has a broad range of experienced professionals that have worked on specific ERP systems and ERP projects. CSI’s consulting services will closely match your objectives, projects, and goals with a great consultant. We can provide you with application consultants, technical consultants, integration consultants, management consultants, change management consultants, project management office development & management, project management methodology training, tools and templates, project quality assurance development, educational services, management & execution of training plans, materials, and manager and end user training. Our IT system upgrade services are unmatched.

What It System Upgrade Services Contract Resources Does CSI Have?

We have a large database of pre-qualified candidates in ERP project management and technologies across ERP systems. We are more cost efficient compared to the Big Four or most known consulting companies by a savings of 25% to 30%. CSI IT system upgrade consultants provide best industry labor practices. CSI’s IT system upgrade consulting services provide knowledge transfer for organizations to become self-sufficient.

Can CSI Provide Executive and Full-Time Placement for Services/Projects? YES!

CSI does provide access to executives that specialize in and have extensive experience across ERP programs. We provide qualified executive candidates. CSI has a large database of executive candidates within healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, public sector, entertainment and communications industries, and more.

Why is Hiring a CSI Consultant Beneficial For My IT System Upgrade Project?

CSI’s wealth of IT system upgrade consultants and their depth of experience across software applications provide multiple services in areas such as project management, project quality assurance development, process optimization, and workforce system optimizations/implementations/and post implementation support. Ensuring your program is upgraded correctly is no small feat. You can rest assured with a CSI consultant heading your IT upgrade project that it will be a success, and the project will finish on time and on budget.