Join Our Team

If you own an IT consulting and/or staffing company, or are a sales professional servicing this market, Consulting Solutions is looking to add quality businesses and sales professionals to our company. We plan to expand our company geographically and organically through acquiring quality companies and adding new sales professionals to our company.

  • Owners

    For owners of companies who understand that combining their business with a larger company can create greater value for their employees and their families than going it alone, our unique pare pasu philosophy in making acquisitions enables the companies we buy to get a second bite of the apple too. We not only provide a fair value at the close for what you’ve built, we also provide the opportunity to participate and share in the synergies that will be realized in the future growth of the combined business on the same terms as our other Equity holders.

  • Sales Professionals

    For sales professionals, we have built an infrastructure and developed a work process that enables our sales team to sell across multiple ERPs and the myriad of systems that clients have integrated into them. The depth and breath of our capabilities and the support systems enables anyone with drive and ambition to succeed and prosper at levels above what they could otherwise do because we give you the ability to fulfill your clients needs rapidly and cost effectively. With plans to add quality people in most major markets, we are sure we have an opportunity that will provide mutual success to you and our company.

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    If you’d like to find out more about either opportunity to join our team please contact us to discuss opportunities.