Federal Services

Consulting Solutions is able to provide security cleared resources for federal projects, and has the ability to provide these cleared resources ourselves. We have provided contributions to federal teams at each stage from solutioning, proposal writing, evaluation, pricing negotiation, award to the protest resolution process.

Our clients choose us because they are:

  1. Frustrated that their staffing suppliers didn’t understand technology and couldn’t properly qualify highly skilled IT talent.
  2. Upset that it was taking their staffing supplier so long to find qualified talent to get their projects started on time.
  3. Disappointed that their staffing suppliers were focused more on increasing billable hours than partnering to solve IT challenges.
  4. Worried that they were not going to be able to get their projects completed on time and on budget.
  5. Angry to learn their staffing suppliers were not checking references and doing proper screenings before submitting for review creating much more work for the hiring managers.
  6. Challenged to find IT talent in a highly competitive market.
  7. Annoyed with staffing suppliers who were very good at buying dinner or doughnuts, but not adding value to solving IT problems.

Consulting Solutions' Federal Services FAQ's

Consulting Solutions’ federal services are trusted upon globally to fulfill clients’ needs on their major projects. We have highly qualified, experienced, and unmatched consulting talent. 

What Positions Can Consulting Solutions Fill For Federal Services Projects?

Consulting Solutions can match you with the right consultant quickly. We have a broad range of experienced professionals that have worked on specific ERP systems and ERP projects. Our federal consulting services will closely match your objectives, projects, and goals. We can fill  roles spanning Project Management, Risk Management, PeopleSoft ERP development, Enterprise Service Bus/Middleware, ETL (Ab Initio), Reporting & Analytics, Infrastructure, System Administration, Cyber Security, Testing, Training, Release Management. We are also able to provide application consultants, technical consultants, management consultants, change management consultants, project management office development & management, project management methodology training, tools and templates, project quality assurance development, educational services, management & execution of training plans, materials, and manager and end user training.  Functional and technical application consultants for resolving issues, application support resources for coordinating issues across other teams, technical consulting including application Data Base Administrators (DBA’s) and Project Managers to provide overall management of your projects. Our federal services are unmatched.

Can Consulting Solutions Help Outline Requirements for Niche Data Management Technologies? YES!

Yes! We engage our technology consulting organization to develop role profiles for key technology roles in the data management space.  Our technology consultants also participate in the technical interviews to ensure the candidates presented met the key skillsets for our federal services clients.

Can Consulting Solutions Provide Federal Experts Quickly? YES!

Yes! We work with government organizations and outside experts to navigate their processes, and bring in cleared resources much faster.  Often we bring in qualified resources in less than 1/3 of the time it takes their other partners.

Can Consulting Solutions Meet Key Deliverable Dates? Yes!

Consulting Solutions can apply dedicated teams of recruiters focused exclusively on the highest priority roles for federal services projects. Our teams have worked with dedicated POC’s to ensure the highest priority roles were worked on, and the hiring mangers received specific feedback about the candidate pool if we were not able to locate an exact fit.

Can Consulting Solutions Handle Complex Federal Government and Clearance Requirements? Yes!

In response to the complex government and clearance requirements, we streamlined our onboarding process to utilize a single POC who is trained on the proper format and can validate all paperwork before it is sent to the client.  For example, one of our past federal services project included more than 20 pages of paperwork in addition to security clearance requirements, information assurance training, and normal employment documentation.  Within 6 weeks, we had less than a 3% rejection rate for onboarding paperwork for this project.