Agile Transformations: One size DOESN’T fit most

Let’s face it, when most people hear the words, agile transformation they think of a large scale, multi-year disruptive exercise that encompasses organizational re-definition, new ways of working, team formation, outsourcing and a myriad of other items. The reality is that an agile transformation is not a one-size-fits-most solution and can encompass a wide range of […]

What are headless architectures and composable systems?

Exciting news! Our very own Amit Patel, Senior Vice President at Consulting Solutions, has been featured in InfoWorld’s latest article on headless architectures and composable systems. Amit shares his wealth of knowledge on using a headless architecture to create a cohesive, seamless experience for users across different devices. If your business is striving to provide […]

The 7 Rs of Cloud App Modernization

In the InfoWorld article “The 7 Rs of Cloud App Modernization,” Amit Patel, Senior Vice President at Consulting Solutions, discusses the “Retire strategy” for apps and its potential benefits. Patel emphasizes the importance of carefully evaluating whether certain apps are still providing value to an organization and considering retiring those that are no longer necessary. […]